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Laid in Chelsea: My Life Uncovered – Ollie Locke


If you’re going to take a break from the classic works of literature you’re required to read for your course, you might as well do it properly…

laid in chelseaAs many of my fellow first year English students will agree, if you’re voluntarily going to read something over Christmas, it is not going to be something classical and it certainly isn’t going to be something off the reading list. So that’s why when I was deciding what books to ask for for Christmas, I quite pleasantly stumbled across not only the trashiest book I could find, but quite possibly the trashiest book I’ve ever read.

Ollie Locke’s Laid in Chelsea is a hilarious reflection on the sexually confused Made in Chelsea star’s relationships, romantic incidences, sexual encounters (or should we say mishaps) and comical stories about his childhood. Despite being poorly written and at times pretty repetitive, the book does everything it says on the tin- it makes you laugh, is an easy read and gives the reader an insight into the life of one of the most loved Made in Chelsea stars.

Locke discusses everything; his first love … (at four may I add… is that even possible?!), losing his virginity, his first relationship with a man and of course his infamous relationship with Gabriella Ellis on the set of Made in Chelsea. Lovers of the show will be well aware of the awkward silences reputation Made in Chelsea upholds – and this book is full of hilarious, honest and incredibly awkward moments with girls, celebrities and anecdotes from life in boarding school.

The book is written literally as if Ollie is speaking to you, which gives it a friendly and light hearted feel, but can sometimes be frustrating to read.  Despite this, Ollie writes about what every Made in Chelsea fan wants to know – relationships, the club scene in Chelsea and the ins and outs of life as a reality TV star. So, if you’re a fan of the show and are looking for an enjoyable, humorous read then this certainly is the book for you, even if you don’t want to admit that you’re reading it!

Alice Belton

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