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Bomb alert in Exmouth under control

Image credit: Express & Echo
Image credit: Express & Echo

Exmouth Coastguards alerted the Police of a “grenade type device” found under an uprooted ice cream kiosk yesterday afternoon.

The device, which was originally thought to date back to World War Two, has since been identified as a 20-years-old. The smoke grenade was found after extreme weather conditions uprooted the ice cream hut on Queens Drive.

The police erected a 13 metre exclusion zone before a Unit of Royal Navy Bomb disposal experts arrived in Exmouth to investigate.

The Unit, who specialise in ordnance disposal, will determine whether to carry out a controlled explosion of the grenade. This would most likely occur on site.

Speaking to the Exeter Express and Echo, a Royal Navy spokesperson, said: “Whoever made the discovery did absolutely the right thing in calling the emergency services so we could deal with it safely and properly.”

Emily Leahy, News Team

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