Home News Video: The wave which could make Devon surfer a world record holder

Video: The wave which could make Devon surfer a world record holder

Image credit: ©Jeff Flindt Redbull.com/surfing
Image credit: ©Jeff Flindt Redbull.com/surfing

A plumber and father of two from Devon has been the centre of a surge of excitement after recently being caught on camera riding what is possibly the world’s biggest wave, ever surfed, at an estimated 80ft.

Andrew Cotton, who was in Nazaré, Portugal, had called his wife to inform her he was going to be in dangerous water before tackling the gigantic wave. The feat comes just 3 months after Cotton made another potentially world record breaking attempt, in the same location.

Despite being an experienced life guard he expressed gratitude for his safety vest that prevented him being pulled underwater, and felt relief when he called his wife again to say tell her his news.

Footage of the event has been submitted to Ride of the Year category of the 2014 Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards, and will be looked over in March by experts who will judge whether a world record has been achieved.

Exciting times lie ahead for the surfer who caught his first wave on Saunton Sands in Devon, with plans for a documentary with Epic TV and to teach his children to surf. For this Devon daredevil there are no signs of hanging up the board.

Gemma Joyce, Games Editor

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