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Workout Wednesday: Rock Solid Race


This year the mighty Green Machine is taking on Rock Solid. Obstacles, mud, hay bales and freezing ice baths are some of the delights that are awaiting us. Sadistic? Maybe. But this isn’t just for pleasure we’re running it all for a great cause that is our very own, Exeter RAG.

Image Credit: RAG
Image Credit: RAG

On March 14th the Green Army will fight and work together to overcome various physical feats. The race consists of, mud slides, forest running, cargo nets and running through fire, followed by a ‘few’ beverages in Time Piece (which is a challenge in itself!) Lucky participants can choose between a 5k or 10k race, where they’ll be competing with other teams to cross the line and claim bragging rights for the rest of the year.

Despite the obvious enjoyment that will take place, our brave Exetonians will be raising money for RAG which we have 4 great designated charities:

  1. Devon Freewheelers
  2. Rainbow Trust
  3. Concern Universal
  4. Community Action
Image Credit: RAG
Image Credit: RAG

Each charity helps countless numbers of people and all money goes to a great cause. With donations from as little as £3 I’m sure you can spare a little change. That’s a pint in Exeter, or two if you’re Northern, so do yourself a favour, reduce your hangover, help someone else in need and get donating!

Click here to find the official donations page for Exeter RAG, alternatively if you have a sadistic friend already taking part just pop their name into the search bar and give some dosh.

Scott Redington

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