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Campaigns Week summed up in GIFs


With Campaigns Week drawing to a close, it’s time to look back on what we were all really thinking the whole time.

When a candidate approaches you for a chat about their policies.



All of those wonderfully produced leaflets tend to be found in one of these.

Photo Credit: Dano via Compfight cc
That’s if there were any bins on campus. Sadly, they just become scrunched up in our back pockets.
Photo Credit: Dano via Compfight cc


What you were like during the debates.

yawn (178) Animated Gif on Giphy
Don’t be silly, you weren’t even there.

But you did watch some of the campaign videos.

Embarrassed for you

Some of them were actually a lot worse than that.


What the average student thinks of the whole thing.

I almost Care


What the candidates must feel like at the end of the week.

I want to marry my bed


The rest of us will be glad that it’s all over and we can resume scraping through our degrees.

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