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New academic journal “The Undergraduate” to launch this Monday

Image credit: The Undergraduate Exeter
Image credit: The Undergraduate Exeter

New interdisciplinary academic journal The Undergraduate is set to launch this Monday 10 February in the Forum.

The journal, which is run by a team of 12 undergraduate students, aims to showcase the best undergraduate essays at the University of Exeter across the disciplines of Ancient History, Classics, Business, Economics, English, Film, Law, Middle Eastern Studies, and Modern Languages.

Last October saw The Undergraduate launch its first call for submissions, inviting undergraduate students to submit essays on any topic of their choosing, provided that they fit the criteria of “being accessible to an educated non-specialist”.

According to #UGCountdown posts on both Facebook and Twitter, readers are promised a varied and engaging read with topics ranging from Harrison Ford to feminism within Islam.

Speaking to Exeposé, Cherrie Kwok, Editor in Chief stated: “The competition to be published in our inaugural edition has been fierce and for all of us on the editorial board, the experience of reading and reviewing these submissions has been rewarding.”

“The fact that our editorial board is comprised entirely of undergraduates allows us to pursue our humble intent to publish texts that are not only informative but also accessible and compelling to our own peer group.”

“We strive for the happy equilibrium between high quality writing and absorbing subject matter in the academic world, and hope this intent comes through in our first edition.”

The concept has certainly aroused a lot of interest, with the journal’s Facebook page garnering over 500 likes, whilst their Twitter account stands at an impressive count of 260.

This, in part, is no doubt owed to their activity during the review period, including collaborations with Exeposé Books, “Meet the Team” spotlights, and regular blog posts from the subject editors.

President Cameron Ho, spoke of the inspiration behind the journal: “The idea was hatched last spring, when I came across an undergraduate journal at a North American university. It soon became clear that there are undergraduate academic journals at a number of universities around the world.”

“Exeter is a world class university with a strong research tradition as well as a talented pool of undergraduates. Our journal connects the two by empowering research-based scholarship at the undergraduate level.”

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Fiona Potigny, News Team

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