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Sabb election results: Rachael Gillies named Guild President

Image credit: Exeter Guild
Image credit: Exeter Guild

Rachael Gillies has been named Guild President for the 2014/15 academic year at tonight’s Sabbatical Election results at the Lemon Grove. Following a week of campaigning both on campus and online, Gillies’ campaign heavily featured star-based designs with the slogan ‘Rach for the stars! See. Live. Love your Guild‘.

As well as Rachael Gillies, the four other winning sabbatical officers who will lead the Guild and represent the student body next year were also announced tonight. Andy Higham will lead the Athletic Union (AU) after being elected U President. Next year’s VP Activities will be Matthew Bate while Ben Street will take on the role of VP Education. Finally, Kate Hawkins has been elected VP Welfare.

Also elected during the evening were Titus Chang as International Officer and Chris Capper, the new Postgraduate Officer.

This year, 29 candidates stood for the five sabbatical officer positions, an approximate 50% increase on last year. The turnout has been announced as 36.14% with 6078 voters, up from 34.14% last year.

The candidates vied for students’ votes all week after voting opened on Monday and closed today. During election week, Flash mobs appeared in the forum, posters with slogans and puns filled the walls, and candidates spent hours talking to students about why they believed they would be the best person for the role.

From Sunday through to Thursday, five election debates took place in the Forum Alumni Auditorium. The debates, which were hosted by Xpression FM, saw the candidates discuss the key issues on campus and momentarily resulted in #exetervote, the election themed hashtag, trending on twitter.


This article has been edited to include the names of the newly elected International Officer and Postgraduate Officer. Apologies for the error.

Tom Elliott, Online News Editor

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