Home News Student occupiers march on campus to protest privatisation of student loans

Student occupiers march on campus to protest privatisation of student loans

Image credit: Imogen Watson
Image credit: Imogen Watson

Following their four day occupation of the Senior Common in Queen’s Building, student protesters marched around campus to protest the privatisation of student loans.

The protest began at 1.45 from Queen’s Building, heading up towards the Peter Chalk building passing by university management offices. The protest then progressed down through the Forum before heading back to the occupation.

While in the Forum, protesters placed cardboard boxes painted with the word ‘debt’ on themselves and lay down in order to represent the weight of their student debt. In a symbolic gesture, the group left the boxes outside of the Vice Chancellor’s house.

Anonymous student occupier told Exeposé: “The protest was to really get the word out about privatisation of student loans to students across campus and university management.”

The protesters have decided to end their occupation for this week. They will continue protest activities next week.

Commenting on the protest, Alex Louch VP Academic Affairs  said: “The Students’ Guild has been in contact with the students concerned and we recognise their right to protest. We believe that the potential sale of the student loan book is a deeply worrying issue which students should be aware of. I am planning an education campaign around the issue, which will culminate on March 4th with a debate between Vice Chancellor Sir Steve Smith and NUS President Toni Pearce.”

Olivia Luder, Online Editor and Owen Keating, News Editor

Additional reporting by Meg Drewett, Editor and Imogen Watson, Online Features Editor

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