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A Sabb state of affairs? One in three election candidates couldn’t name all current Sabb officers

Image credit: Exeter Guild
Image credit: Exeter Guild

Recent interviews with the Guild election candidates revealed that over one in three were unable to name all of the officers they hope to succeed.

10 of the 27 candidates surveyed by Exeposé in the build up to the Sabbatical elections were unable to name all five of the Sabbatical Officers and the AU President.

Exeposé recently revealed in a survey that 29 per cent of students on campus were unable to name a single member of the current officers. This figure has markedly decreased from 68 per cent in 2012, following a publicity campaign by the Students’ Guild. Additionally, in the 2014 survey, 15 per cent of students were able to name and identify all of the officers by role.

The least recognised officer by election candidates was Alex Powell, AU President, who 7 of the 28 were unable to name. Four of the 28 could not recall Chris Rootkin, VP Welfare and Community, two could not name Jak Curtis-Rendall, VP Participation and Campuses, while only one could not name Alex Louch, VP Education. All of the candidates interviewed were able to recall Hannah Barton, Guild President.

Two candidates for the role of Guild President were unable to name all of the current officers. James Hitchings-Hales was only able to name three of the current officers, while Joel Smith was only able to name four of the five.

Sam Wood, running for VP Activities, was only able to name three, and his competitor Dan Richards, was unable to name the AU President.

Meanwhile, two of the candidates for AU President, Ali Borland and Andy Higham, were unable to name all five sabbs, and Holly Collenette, a candidate for VP Education, was unable to name the VPs for Welfare and Community, Participation and Campuses or the current VP for her potential position.

Additionally, Jaz Sansoye, a VP Welfare and Community candidate, could not name Alex Powell, AU President. Spike van der Vliet Firth, who is also running for VP Welfare and Community, could not recall Alex Louch, VP Education.

Hannah Barton, Guild President, said: “Each candidate has met with the Sabb currently holding the position they are standing for in preparation for campaigning, and is familiar with that role. We hope that over the coming campaigns week, the support and guidance that the current Sabbs will give to all of the candidates will increase their recognition of what the whole team does. The ability to name the current team is not as great a priority for Sabb candidates as an understanding of the role to which they aspire.”

Rory Morgan, a second year Classics student, commented; “This revelation shows worrying levels of incompetence. How can they expect us to vote for candidates who don’t even know the names of the people they are succeeding?”

Louis Dore, News Editor

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