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Exeter students in ‘iQuiz’ final competing for European Tour

Image credit: Harrison Jones
The League of Exeterordinary Gentlemen upon winning the Exeter iQuiz. Image credit: Harrison Jones

A team of four Exeter students are set to compete in the national finals of the ‘iQuiz’ this month, with the chance of winning a two week tour around Europe.

Ben Clarke, Callum Burroughs, Elliot Fisher and Henry Oliver, from ‘The League of Exeterordinary Gentlemen’ won last term’s event and will now attend an all-expenses-paid trip to Coventry on February 11, when they will compete for the ultimate prize.

The student quiz, organized by The i Newpaper – the sister paper of The Independent – has been taking place in universities across the country biannually since last year, with preliminary rounds for this term’s final taking place in November.

The winners of the national competition will win the trip across Europe, visiting France, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican City, Austria, Germany, Holland and Belgium, courtesy of Topdeck Travel.

Described as an opportunity for “teams of the brightest and best students from all over the country [to] compete against each other in a battle of wits, grit and bottomless general knowledge”, the quiz is open to all undergraduates at each university.

Trivia expert and assistant editor of The i, Simon O’Hagan, sets the questions, with experience of masterminding The Independent‘s Saturday Magazine Quiz since 2008.

In November, Exeter hopefuls took part in the quiz held in The Ram, which was hosted by Guild Vice Presidents Jak Curtis-Rendall and Alex Louch.

The event featured a special round quizzing the teams on news stories covered by the i. Additionally they were tested on their general knowledge ranging from music to history.

On getting into the final, Callum Burroughs said: “we’re all just good friends looking to have a laugh. I imagine the preparation will be pretty light”.

The second year student also took part in last year’s iQuiz final in Birmingham, commenting: “it was a great experience”.

You can follow their progress next week on Twitter via @IndyStudents and download The i for free on iPad here.

Emily Leahy, News Team

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