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Cannabis worth £250k seized in Exeter

Image credit: Express & Echo
Image credit: Express & Echo

Devon and Cornwall Police have discovered and seized £250,000 of cannabis following the raid of a property in Marsh Barton on Saturday.

PC Aly Cruwys reported a strong smell whilst walking her dog around the Industrial Estate. A warrant was soon secured and the property was raided that evening.

More than 200 plants were being cultivated in four rooms above a warehouse. In a video published online by the Express and Echo, DC Andy Hingston described the crop as “about six feet tall” and added that “they could be ready to harvest in a week”.

The drugs are due to be destroyed.

A 30 year-old male has since been arrested. A large quantity of cash and an offensive weapon were also found at his St Thomas home. He has now been released on bail until May pending forensic testing.

This is the third growing operation to have been discovered in the area during the past five years, with 345 plants having been seized previously from nearby Alphington.

Since 2008, the police have closed 111 cannabis farms in Exeter, detected more than 3,000 plants and arrested 92 individuals.

Following reports that the Devon and Cornwall Police seek to partner with an energy provider to further crack down on cannabis cultivation, a spokesperson stated: “[We] are working towards adopting an approach which may result in an increase in search warrants and cannabis farm detections.”

Cannabis has been classified as a Class B drug since 2009.

The NHS advises against use of the drug, listing some of the primary health risks as asthma or more serious lung conditions, changes in heart rate and blood pressure, and fertility issues such as reduction in sperm count or interrupted ovulation. Studies also suggest links with suspicious and/or paranoid behaviour, and even schizophrenia.

A third year student told Exeposé: “The discovery of such a large quantity of cannabis in Exeter is certainly a surprise. It’s not a city you associate with having a drug problem particularly, but it is reassuring that local law enforcement were able to act so quickly and decisively to seize the illegal substances”.

Fiona Potigny, News Team

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