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National Student News: Hacking attack and green award


0430 MONEY Students 1Anonymous hack Queen Mary’s University

Queen Mary University has become the latest victim of a cyber attack by the infamous hacking group, Anonymous, in response to the institution undertaking “invasive” research on behalf of the MOD.

The ‘hacktivist collective’ stole a ‘significant’ amount of data – including the personal data of some students – just hours after The Guardian revealed the MOD spends millions on funding cyber-space studies, including university research into Anonymous, hacktivism, and surveillance.

The international network came to prominence after a series of political stunts against corporations, governments and media groups. They have previously brought down the websites of governments and security agencies, including the CIA and FBI.

But last week the group turned their attention to Queen Mary, part of the University of London, in an operation known as #OpPhdPounds.

The action has been described as retaliatory, with one hacktivist later publishing some of the data as proof of their work.

Anonymous claimed: “Queen Mary and other universities should be much more interested in protecting their own data, and the data of their paying students, than in analysing the data of others”.

A spokesperson from the University said: “We are investigating the claims. We have informed the police”.

The group have indicated that further action will follow.


Nottingham voted greenest university

The University of Nottingham has been named the greenest in the world, with two more British institutions finishing in the top ten.

The 2013 Greenmetric Rankings considered data from 301 universities across 61 countries and found that Nottingham had the best “campus sustainability and environment friendly university management.”

Bradford and Plymouth universities came in fourth and seventh respectively.

Each university was given a final score after adding the points from six categories: setting and infrastructure, energy and climate change, waste management, water usage, transportation and education.

This is the fourth year that Universitas Indonesia has undertaken the research, with Nottingham also taking the title three years ago.

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