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Society Sundays #1: Game of Thrones


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Introducing our brand new feature, Society Sundays, your guide to where you can get your fandom fix on campus. Fittingly, this week we caught up with the brand new Game of Thrones Society!

Here’s something that may take you by surprise, there are currently no university Game of Thrones societies anywhere in the world, that is all about to change however, as Exeter University Game of Thrones Society have just achieved Guild affiliation at the start of this term.

Spurred on by a comment on the University of Exeter Freshers Facebook page, friends and housemates, Nick Lawley and Dan Hull-Seif decided to combine their mutual, long lasting fandom into a community where people could enjoy both the books and films of Game of Thrones together.

The response they received since September has been phenomenal. Despite not being able to participate in the Fresher’s Fair, they have accrued over 230 likes on their Facebook group and 95 signatures on their petition to become a society.

I met with the fresh faced committee to discuss their new society, events planned for the future and, of course, a certain heavy drinker of diminutive stature.

We met in the Ram, which seemed suitably dingy on a wintry Monday afternoon, and shortly after making introductions ( I was joined by Nick – President, Dan – Vice President, Zara Clarke – Treasurer, Chaz Mooney – Social Sec and Ned WHiles Fresher’s Rep) it became clear that these guys were big fans with big plans.

They told me how they have already accrued legendary status on their Vic pub quizzes, with each one attracting at least 50 members and concluding with a rousing rendition of The Rains of Castamere. They are also committed to fans of both the books and the TV show, they hold screenings of members favorite episodes as well as reading groups to allow for all fans of Westeros.

Nick and his team claimed their proudest achievement to be attracting the attention of some of the show’s best loved characters. Both Josef Atlin (Pypar) and Jack Gleeson (Joffrey) have sent video messages pledging their support to GoT Soc.  Nick himself has even been invited to attend an advanced screening of the new series, purely through the digital, international interest GoT Soc have gained.

The aim for this year is just to get students interested and involved, to the foundations for a society with real longevity, after all Martin still has books to write (and those of us who only watch the TV series apparently have plenty more heartbreak that we’ll need emotional support for!)

The most extravagant plans I heard were for a full-on Medieval Banquet, complete with jousting tournament, to celebrate the end of exams, and if that doesn’t sound like the best thing to ever happen in the Ram Beer Garden then I don’t know what is!

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is an all boys club however, Martin’s progressive writing of female characters has translated in real terms to the society receiving a large female interest as well.

So, if you want to get involved with a fun, friendly fandom, who are always happy to help, then head over to their Facebook Page, it’s worth it for the Meme Mondays if nothing else!

Are you in a society you think our readers would like to know about? Tell us on FacebookTwitter or by commenting below.



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