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Arena denies bouncers filmed students having sex in latest ‘Sexeter’ scandal

Image credit: The Express & Echo
Image credit: The Express & Echo

Arena have “categorically refuted” claims that their bouncers filmed two students having sex outside the nightclub and then showed the footage to people in the queue the following night.

The allegations, which bear a striking resemblance to an incident at last year’s Safer Sex Ball (SSB), when Students’ Guild staff members filmed CCTV footage of a sexual act in The Ram – making headlines worldwide – were made by The Tab and refer to an incident involving two first years last term.

According to the female student involved, the bouncer hid whilst he watched the pair’s encounter from across the road, before telling them they were being filmed on CCTV. She alleges that staff members subsequently shared the video with queueing students after filming the footage on mobile phones.

But in a short statement on behalf of Arena, which took nearly a week to arrive, representatives of the venue contradict the allegations, writing: “Arena is a well-run, professional nightclub and we categorically refute these allegations.  We do not tolerate any behaviour on our premises that outrages public decency and would encourage customers to act responsibly.

“Our door teams are fully qualified and we work closely with them to ensure that the club provides a safe environment.”

The first year, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Exeposé that she neither gained nor lost from Arena’s rebuttal but did say: “I’m just telling what I experienced. Deny it they might but I was taunted and told these things.”

She explained to The Tab that “We noticed there was someone crouching behind a car [and watching us] across the street. It was a bouncer.”

Upon returning to Arena, the girl alleges to have been recognised by staff who joked about the incident in front of people in the queue, before a ‘Cheesy Tuesday’ last year. After she entered the club, a friend recalls asking bouncers whether a drunken incident captured on CCTV involving him was ‘worse’ than the previous night’s affair. The first year claims that the bouncer responded: ‘Well, why don’t we find out?’, before collecting his phone and showing both videos to students at the front of the queue.

But after contacting Arena’s parent company, Luminar, the venue suggested in a brief correspondence that the whole story was fabricated.

A third year English student said: “in the interests of student safety, this is potentially more dangerous and serious than last year’s similar Ram/CCTV allegations as we can’t rely on the university to discipline the staff accused.”

The University of Exeter and the Students’ Guild declined the opportunity to comment on the case a few days ago.

The revelations come amidst a tense atmosphere surrounding sexual scandals at the University, with the institution appearing to be taking a strong stance in an attempt to limit reputational damage. In addition to dismissing the staff members involved in the SSB incident, the University also had a disciplinary investigation into the actions of Elina Desaine, who was crowned the UK’s ‘horniest student’ after winning a competition by Shag @ Uni.

Harrison Jones, Online News Editor

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