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Entries for RAG’s Jailbreak ends tomorrow

Image credit: Exeter RAG
Image credit: Exeter RAG

Students are taking part in ‘Jailbreak’, an event organised by Exeter RAG.

The event involves teams of two or three students attempting to get as far from Exeter as possible, using no money. The teams have 30 hours from 9am on Friday 28th February, and must find their own way to travel. The task ends at 3pm on Saturday 1st March.

Participants are required to individually raise a minimum of £100. Students can choose any method in order to do so, such as being sponsored for the number of miles reached or by donation.

Event organiser Natalie Rubner said:”This is the first Jailbreak that Exeter has run in a decade so we’re excited to be bringing back an event that has proved so popular at other universities. Following on from the success of our hitchhike to Amsterdam last term, we’re confident that we can raise a significant amount of money for our deserving charities and for those taking part to have one of their best university experiences”.

RAG’s hitchhike to Amsterdam raised £3200 for Amnesty International, and Natalie went on to say that it was “the best thing I’ve done at university”.

Joint President of RAG, Henry Bowles said: “The team has worked hard to make sure this event can happen at Exeter. We know it’s a popular event that students are delighted to have back. I’m looking forward to seeing how far people will get!”

The winners of Jailbreak at Cambridge University in 2012 went to Singapore, 6705 miles away from Cambridge.

Students can sign up for ‘Jailbreak’ until Wednesday 12th February through the Guild website. Joining up costs £20, which includes a t-shirt and travel insurance. Teams must include one boy.

FAQs can be found here.

Rachel Gelormini, News Team

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