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Review: Musketeers


The swashbuckling Musketeers is now well under way, check out Sam Brewer‘s review here

The Musketeers is the latest in the BBC’s line of ‘original’ drama to grace our screens and after taking over in the Sherlock Sunday evening night slot, it certainly had a tough act to follow.

Based on a story most will have heard of but potentially not know much about, The Musketeers is based on Alexandre Dumas’ novel, telling the story of how d’Artagnan meets the elite order of the French King’s Musketeers.

In this opening episode we are witnesses to the death of our young protagonist’s father, and the revenge he seeks to find in the aftermath.

Despite the job description, we’re not expected to sit through sixty minutes of swords, pistols and (of course) musket battling action, though you wont be disappointed if that’s what you wanted. Despite The Musketeers  hardly being what we’d call revolutionary, the show does maintain a good balance between character building, all out action, bare flesh and tongue in cheek comedy to open it up to a wider audience, something that it will desperately need given the post-watershed time slot.

The four musketeers?
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This is not a replacement for Sherlock, but then I’m sure most people would have said at the start it never could have been. All for one and one for all then? Maybe, but we’ll only be able to tell for sure at the conclusion. Nonetheless, from the first episode we can see this is a series which refuses to take itself overly seriously and will demand little effort from the viewer. For all that it will be popular if not revolutionary.Stand out roles come from the two bad guys here: Maime McCoy appears as the subtle

yet deceptive assassin Milady while Peter Capaldi stars as the fabulously evil Cardinal, who has taken it upon himself to rule for the King as well as remove The Musketeers from service. Capaldi’s performance is doubly encouraging as Doctor Who fans eagerly wait his new series later this year.

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