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7 Games to Play When Your Console Breaks


Has disaster struck? Don’t panic – Meg Drewett reveals how you can still get your gaming fix

For the most hardcore of gamers, there can be nothing worse than the dreadful moment when your console ceases to function properly, shuts itself down and loses the hours and hours of gaming  you’ve been committed to for the last month.

But whilst this may seem like a tragedy at the time, let’s look on the bright side and see this as an opportunity to get back to some really old school gaming roots. Rather than immediately heading out to spend hundreds on a new Xbox or Playstation, instead maybe try one of Exeposé Games’ suggestions for the best games to play when your console breaks:

1. Monopoly


 We tend to find that this classic board game is either loved or hated by its players. Whilst it does allow you to play out your millionaire dream, owning London real estate at prices that can only be dreamed of in the current property market, it also has a tendency to drag on for way too long. However, if you are used to investing hours of time into your Xbox, the swap to this board game of capitalist wonder shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

2. Twister


Take up Twister as an alternative  to get a bit more physical activity into your gaming life. This vinyl mat of spotty glory will undoubtedly improve your flexibility, but be warned, you will almost certainly be put in compromising positions with other players. Whether this is a good or bad thing is up to you.

3. Articulate


This quick-talking description game is a fundamental component of dinner parties and Christmas days up and down the country, but there is no reason why it can’t be played on more casual occasions as well. The trick to Articulate is practice. Team up with someone and go through the cards at every available moment, until you are perfectly aware that “sky rain thing” just means “thunderstorm”. You’ll never look back.

4. Scrabble


This one may come in use if you usually use gaming as a form of procrastination from uni work. Instead of blatantly ignoring the pile of essays you’ve been set, make a nod to the educational process and spend your time trying to think of the longest word possible containing an ‘x’, ‘j’ and ‘z’. Bonus points if you use it in an essay later on.

5. Battleships


On your normal gaming days you may be a fan of the aggression that gets played out in some more violent titles, like Call of Duty. If so, Battleships is the answer to your lack-of-a-console gaming problems. There is nothing as satisfying as blasting a tiny plastic ship out of the water with a miniscule red torpedo stick, and once you’ve experienced the joy of it, a simulated gun will never compare again.

6. Connect-4


This childhood classic can develop into one of the most competitive games there is if played with the right person. Although the initial premise of trying to line up four counters of the same colour may seem trivial, you will soon find it all-consuming. Try to remember that it’s just a game, avoid throwing counters at your opponent in your frustration and always start with the centre column.

 7. Strip poker


Another student favourite, it should be obvious why this is a go to choice. Play with alcohol for more fun.


 Meg Drewett, Editor 


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