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7 things to watch out for in the Winter Olympics


The Winter Olympics is a fascinating world of sports strange and enticing to British viewers- and in Jenny Jones we can have success on the snow despite the lack of it! Ted Mahon highlights seven things to look out for over the next couple of weeks: 

Prince Hubertus von Hohenlohe. What a man. Photo: faustasblog.com
Prince Hubertus von Hohenlohe. What a man. Photo: faustasblog.com

1) Jamaican Bob-Sleigh team – and no it’s not the film. Driver Winston Watts, 46, and brakeman Marvin Dixon, 28, will compete in the two-man bob in Sochi as Jamaica ended their 12-year Winter Olympics absence.

2) Prince Hubertus von Hohenlohe from Mexico, possibly the most fascinating Olympian in the world. Not only is he a prince, but at 55 he will become the second-oldest Winter Olympian in history. Von Hohenlohe will wear a unique race suit inspired by Mexican folk music at Sochi 2014 in the alpine skiing.

3) Lizzy Yarnold, competing in the skeleton, is this season’s World Cup Champion despite haven taken up the sport just 5 years ago. As well as Yarnold, both the men and women’s curling teams are heavily fancied for medals.

4) There are 12 new events at Sochi including a mixed figure skating team event and women’s ski jumping. Expect tight finishes, controversy and inevitable crashes.

No going back now... Photo: zimbio.com
No going back now… Photo: zimbio.com

5) Alexey Voeda, the Russian member of both the two-man and four-man bobsleigh team, was a former arm-wrestling world champion. Voweda also practices Judo and has been on a raw vegetarian diet for more than two years.

6) Look out for Paraguay and Zimbabwe – it’s their first ever Winter Olympics. Although it may be a breakthrough for these two countries, don’t expect them to be up on the medal table! But stranger things have happened, so you never know…

7) Lolo Jones, the former Olympic hurdler, will now be competing in the American bobsleigh team. The 31 year old, who won silver in the World Athetics final in the 60m hurdles, gained publicity by posing semi-nude for The Body Issue of ESPN the Magazine.

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