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In Memoriam: Remembering Exeter’s Fallen Umbrellas


Umbrellas aren’t just for light rain guys, they’re for life!

Let’s all have a moment of silence as we remember the brollies who fell in the service of protecting us from water falling from the sky…

There was this poor mite, lying defenceless on Union Road. Not even the light of car headlights could help him…


His brother in arms lay not far off, similarly splintered, its plastic ripped from its spines.


A truly shocking sight: not a scrap of material clings to its skeletal frame.

This poor foot soldier serves as a reminder to all those who try and brave rainstorms with £1 umbrellas from the high street. Just don’t.


These two made it as far as Hope Hall before all hope was lost. At least they have each other.


This beautifully patterned umbrella gave up the ghost just up from Hoopern Lane. You could say it was ‘Gone With the Wind’…


These two didn’t even make it to the bin much like that scene from the worst Star Wars film where Anakin tries to make it up the lava mountain and has to be airlifted out by Emperor Palpatine.

Except no one’s coming to save these guys.


This little lad made a break for it over the grassy hill of Exeter Cricket Club’s grounds. But he didn’t make it far.


These guys were just unceremoniously shoved in a bin outside the Forum. Presumably they are now making friends with a lot of election campaign flyers…


The devastation extends into town. Despite being seemingly robust, this drizzle defier was heartlessly deemed litter and shoved in a bin.


To cheer you up after such cruel, bleak scenes, here’s a car going through a puddle. You can almost hear the sounds of passers-by getting soaked.


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Olivia Luder, Online Editor

With thanks to Meg Lawrence, James Bennett, Niklas Rahmel and James Smurthwaite

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