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Late Night Lists: Critical Readings of Flappy Bird

The BoJo esque hero.
Image Credit: Mashable

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but English is not a totally pointless degree, here we put it to great effect, asking “what is the narrative of Flappy Birds trying to tell us about society”?

The Plight of the Youth.

Do you ever feel like your life is a never ending quest to jump through hoops with no real end goal in sight? So does Flappy Bird, the epitome of the modern Twenty-something. He’s a bit overweight, stuck in a never ending cycle, barely surviving through his repetitive life, wondering where the soaring highs of his youth have gone.

An Analogy for the Striking Tube Workers.

It’s no great stretch of the imagination to see Boris Johnson in our plucky protagonist, especially the yellow one. The rotund figure, the erratic, eccentric movements and general clumsiness, it all makes so much sense! His main aim is to divide and conquer, getting tauntingly close to making contact with the tube workers, but always avoiding them at the last minute. Eventually the tube strikes and Boris is left grounded and humiliated.

The Inferiority of Mobile Gaming.

We all recognise those tubes right? From Mario? And in this battle of poorly connected plumbing and evolutionary anomaly who always wins? That’s right, the pipes. The king of consoles, Mario, is shown to be consistently and inevitably greater than the poorly produced, mass market, mobile bird.


From seemingly nowhere, Flappy Birds came into our lives, to some it brought great joy, to others anger and violence. Then at the height of its popularity it was suddenly and swiftly gone, teaching us many things along the way. All I’m saying is watch this space for a resurrection.

Johnny Smirthson

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