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Creative Fridays – Winter


This Valentine’s Day we bring you another poem on the theme of love. Conor Byrne considers love in an inhospitable season (quite appropriate given the current weather, we think!) in a poem which draws inspiration from Edward Scissorhands…


a winter poemWinter


Ice surrounds, snow engulfs,

I’m drawn to the delicacy of your mouth,

Darkness pervades but the purity of white

Shines through in an angelic light.

A fairytale kingdom, a haven of passion,

Heavenly undertones echoed in your fashion.

We cling and grasp, escaping the dark,

The twilight of our story, the fusing of the spark,

Two dancers borne to two melting hearts,

Gothic fulfilment means we will, and won’t, be kept apart.

Though we never see each other again,

Our hidden love, our secret enclosed in our private den,

I hold onto the memory of you as a sculpture of purity,

My feelings always true, held with such lucidity.

As the winter dance brings our love to fruition,

I escape the terror and welcome eternity with a mission.


Conor Byrne

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