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Guild announce scheme for used books


books_1448404c_1790698cThe Students’ Guild recently announced on their Twitter feed that students can now sell their unwanted books via the Exeter Guild web store.

The Student Guild’s website store will accept any title, non-fiction or fiction, provided that the book is not considered offensive to other students or outside customers, or peoples’ beliefs.

Students can choose to donate their books, or opt to use the Guild’s selling power. If the student chooses to donate their book to the Guild for sale, any money made on the item will be retained by the Guild to help support its members.

If students choose to sell their books through the Guild’s webstore, they choose the price of the book which they would like to charge for it. The Guild have plans to apply a delivery charge on top of this price to cover the cost of post and packaging and will take a further 20 per cent of the selling price to cover administration.

However, if customers choose to collect the books on-site there will be no delivery charges applied, but the Guild will still retain the 20 per cent administration charge.

The Guild plans on marketing students’ books for a period of six months. If the item has not been sold after this time period, the Guild will contact the student. Students can then choose to have the book returned to them at their expense, or alternatively instruct the Guild that they no longer want the book and the Guild will donate the item to one of the many book donation schemes available.

Lauren Swift, a Second Year English and French student, said “It’s really reassuring to hear that the Guild are offering a service that will benefit students both financially and academically, especially as some courses have a quick turnover of expensive books”.

If students wish to sell their books with this new initiative, students are advised to contact guild-print-shop@exeter.ac.uk or alternatively visit the Print Room.

 Ricky Freelove, Arts Editor

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