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New Food Review – Las Iguanas


When we heard a new restaurant was coming to town, we thought it would only be polite to pop over to Las Iguanas one friday evening to give them a big Exeposé welcome to Exeter!


Greeted by the lovely restaurant manager Dominique, we headed straight to the bar to sample just a snapshot of the extensive cocktail menu, which by the looks of it, has enough tempting refreshments to satisfy any thirst during happy hour.
The bartender shared their personal favourite recommendation to start our evening; we tried the ‘Dark and Stormy’, a Rum, ginger beer and lime concoction presented in delightful jam jar glasses.
Las Iguanas differs slightly from many restaurants (but in a good way!) so be sure not to bring an indecisive date, as you have the options of either sharing 3 or 5 tapas dishes, or having main meals. Which is a harder decision than it sounds when you actually take a look at the menu. Las Iguanas, if the name hasn’t already given it away, is dripping with latin influences; dishes feature from all corners of the latin world, from Brazil, to Mexico, to Spain, each sounding irresistibly delicious.
So we ordered a lot of it, and I’m not even ashamed at the amount I ate that night; it was worth it! We started innocently and moderately, sharing 3 tapas dishes, nicely complimented by a fruity ‘Iguana Cosmo’ cocktail.
The ‘Pato Taquito’ was my favourite; duck wraps with cranberry compote, toasted and a little spicy with the cool, fruity cranberry to calm any sensitive taste buds.
But then the other dishes put up some strong competition for my attention, and I thoroughly enjoyed hot grilled chicken Quesadillas with a fantastic hand chopped tomato salsa, and some huge meaty ‘Gambas’ prawns in a smooth chilli and garlic sauce, accompanied nicely with ciabatta.
Then we had a little room left, and decided that some of the mains sounded too good to walk away from, so inevitably gave into temptation. The Mexican menu gave us big stuffed burritos, a very satisfying classic, and we sampled a slightly milder Brazilian chicken curry, in a butternut squash and coconut sauce with garlic and coriander rice. Named the ‘Polo Caruru’ and seriously tasty, we could see why this dish came so highly recommended by the staff.
We were contemplating finishing the meal there, when the waitress persuaded us that we couldn’t leave without trying the creamy vanilla cheesecake. (Though, we didn’t take all that much persuading…) And then, despite being convinced I had no room left at all, our lovely waitress once again convinced me that there was one last thing to round off the evening. I was sceptical at first, but the Espresso Martini was divine. Rich, smooth, and even served beautifully chilled in a martini glass, it was very elegant!
Overall we had a lovely evening enjoying the Latin atmosphere, and were really happy with the great food. I will definitely be visiting again!
Emma Brisdion, Online Lifestyle Editor
Photo Credits – Las Iguanas, and Emma Brisdion
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