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The Defence of Ginny


18171450px-Ginny_weasleyAfter the recent shocking revelation from J.K Rowling that she believes Harry and Hermione would have been a better couple, Music Editor Josh Gray writes an impassioned piece in the defence of Ginny…

Not since George Lucas decided that Greedo shot first has the decision of a writer to reappraise their own creative output received so much fan outrage, with good reason. Our generation’s journey from the dark cave of confused childhood into the bright bewildering light of adulthood at the end of the tunnel was innately intertwined with that of Harry and his friends, and the romantic element of the story deftly reflected our own first fumbling attempts at courtship.

Because of this, I believe the uproar created by JK Rowling’s announcement that she wishes she’d matched Harry with Hermione is justified, but misplaced. The rage of Potter fanatics has mainly stemmed from one issue, and that’s that readers seriously ship Romione (that’s Ron and Hermione to you philistines). But the real travesty of Rowling’s comments are that they undo one of the greatest love-stories of modern literature: the brilliantly tentative entanglement of Harry and Ginny Weasley.

Back in 2005, at the tender age of twelve, I fell in love. Not with a real girl of course, they rarely came to the school library, but with a fiery, passionate redhead with a mean talent for charms and a no nonsense approach to dating.

Through Harry’s eyes I too wished terrible fates on the undeserving Dean Thomas for snatching her affection from me; I felt the terrible guilt at desiring the sister of my best friend and even offered an imaginary apology to Molly Weasley for making her daughter a target for Death Eaters and snide Slytherins alike. Don’t get me wrong, Ron and Hermione’s dramatic will-they-won’t they thing had a nice pay-off in the Deathly Hallows. However it was ultimately inferior to the subtle growth of attraction the reader can experience between the protagonist, whose emotions we can most clearly understand, and the gal who moves from being the vulnerable and shy hypothetical ‘captured princess’ of The Chamber of Secrets to the awesome, flirtatious, hilarious (resembling in places a less obnoxious Fred or George) and gorgeous. Bonnie Wright in the films is nice, but not a patch on the universally sought-after Ginny of the books.

So JK Rowling, your misplaced idea that you could have ever written a better romance between Harry and Hermione is foolish. Ginny embodies the romantic aspirations of any sexually confused teenager, and is essentially the perfect match for Harry. Also Cho Chang is an absolute bitch.

Josh Gray, Music Editor  

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