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What Disney Taught Us


Emma Sudderick learns from the lessons of her past.

Coming to University is a massive change. It’s a hurdle, a milestone, not least because during your time at University you will disembark from the voyage through your teens and become a dreaded adult. That means you are faced with the big, bad world of being responsible, practical, and can no longer justify childish behaviour.

It is impossible in these times not to be flooded with nostalgia. Childhood teaches us things which prove invaluable for adult life and of these mementos of youth, Disney teaches some less conventional but definitely memorable lessons.

It is always appropriate to sing songs. Even when nobody else is in the room. ESPECIALLY when nobody else is in the room.


Talking to animals and expecting them to respond is definitely a normal way to experience friendship.

Up Pixar Gif

There is no such thing as employment. Unless you’re Cinderella.

CinderellaScrubFloor44fLG (1)

You should never swim away from your parents, especially if you have a bad fin.

Singing candles are the best kind of candles. Beauty and the Beast proved this.

tumblr_m9bcneryup1req0deo1_500The circle of life is very much a thing.

Dogs can eat spaghetti romantically. Which is more than humans can do.

If you get your sword stuck in a stone you may as well just leave it there.

swordEverybody wants to be a cat.

Fish wish they had legs.

It’s acceptable to try out all the rugs in Debenhams to see if one of them is a flying carpet.

tumblr_lmqdd0wxMl1qhc137o1_500The wind is apparently colourful, and not just air.

tumblr_mk70jumJvV1qj5zmso1_500If you’re an insect you should NEVER look into the light. Even if you can’t help it because it’s so beautiful.

tumblr_lx3d99VJS11qcao51Your toys probably come to life every time you’re not in the room.

Toy Story 3Turning into a llama is not the worst thing that could happen to you.


I’m not entirely sure how these lessons relate to our lives, but I’m sure at some point we will all thank Disney for their insight.

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