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Eminent Comedy Club Exeter @ The Tobacco House, Exeter Quay


Sabrina Azis reviews the Exeter Comedy Club at The Tobacco House on the 2nd February 2014.

On 2nd February, I traversed the long journey to the Exeter Quay, not for a Sunday night lash at the rev, or a candlelit dinner at the Waterfront, but for a night of laughs at the riverside bar The Tobacco House. A hidden gem, The Tobacco House is like the food-baby of Cellar and monkey suit: an edgy attic bar with a chilled out vibe and great food.

Image credit: Eminent Comedy Club
Image credit: Eminent Comedy Club

One Sunday a month, The Tobacco House is transformed into the Eminent Comedy Club where, for a mere £10, you can be treated to a whole line-up of professional and hilarious stand-up. Initially expecting something along the lines of student, amateur comedy, I sunk in to my seat with the consolation that at least I had a cocktail in my hand to get me through. My worries were soon blown clear out of the water, however, when the first comedian came on stage.

Bobby Mair, who has come on shows such as 8 out of 10 cats and Russel Howard’s Good News, made us all feel highly uncomfortable in the most hilarious way with his opening, and highly inappropriate, act. The next comedian, Yianni, was also a TV personality who has come on shows such as Take the Mic and The World Stands Up. From Australia, but originally Greek, his various accents had the audience in stitches.

The line-up was rounded off with headliner Romesh Ranganathan, who has appeared on Mock the Week and Live at the Apollo. Assuring us that his being Asian didn’t mean that his act would wholly consist of racial humour, he then wacked out the ethnic jokes full steam, to raucous laughter. Romesh explored everything from how shit children were, to how racial stereotypes are almost always right. He ended the night on a brilliant note, with his raw and real comedy breaking all the boundaries of political correctness.

The atmosphere of the crowd was great, with various audience members being brutally picked on (I was extremely glad that I had avoided the dreaded front row), and every act was merited with applause and laughter throughout. Even the host, Cerys Nelmes, proved to be a hit with her outrageous sex jokes and brutal tormenting of one poor audience member called Dan, the only person who probably won’t be coming back. It was a highly enjoyable night that I would thoroughly recommend to all university students. If anything else, it at least offered something different from the endless cycle of pubbing and clubbing.


Sabrina Aziz

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