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The Razzies: the Cream of the Crap


With awards season around the corner, Joshua Mines takes a look at the ceremony you should be following.

With the Oscars just round the corner, it seems only natural that most will be captivated by the display of talent, quality and diversity that the world’s most prestigious film award ceremony brings.

Image credit: Golden Raspberry Awards
Image credit: Golden Raspberry Awards

However, whilst it’s important to annually recognise the achievement of the world’s best directors, actors and film-makers, it’s equally vital to give credit to the people who have showed the year’s best displays of ineptitude and stupidity.

That’s where the Razzies come in. The prestigious ugly sister to the Oscars, these awards aim to name and shame some of the year’s biggest flops and those involved in making the mistakes. It’s a chance to not only have a good laugh at the failings of some of Hollywood’s worst but also look back at how easy it can be for renowned actors and directors to make a really terrible film.

And the Razzies have certainly seen some howlers in their 34 year history. Even the esteemed Robert De Niro is not immune to the glaring tin glow of the Razzies, having gathered a whopping 31 nominations over the years, adding three more to his growing list on the 2013 nominations.

This year’s awards boast some particularly impressive entries. Grown-Ups 2 leads the list with eight nominations, featuring Adam Sandler on the hunt for his third consecutive Golden Raspberry for worst actor.

Special mention should also be given to the abomination that was After Earth, a film that once again desperately tried to convince audiences that Jaden Smith has some acting talent.

The box office disaster that was The Lone Ranger also features in numerous categories, proving that a glittering career can’t save you from the Razzies’ snare (we’re looking at you Johnny Depp).

Sandra Bullock graciously accepts her Razzie.  Image credit: The Telegraph
Sandra Bullock graciously accepts her Razzie.
Image credit: The Telegraph

Admittedly, the Razzies’ purpose alongside the Oscars doesn’t really reach beyond comic value. Some (a select few) actors have even taken pride in their Golden Raspberry wins – Sandra Bullock in particular told reporters that her Razzie and her Oscar share the same shelf on her trophy cabinet. But Sandra Bullock aside, it’s still a ceremony we need for more than cheap laughs.

They show us the unchangeable nature of Hollywood and its ability to bring us good alongside shamefully horrible movies. The Razzies act as a much needed reminder to audiences of both how difficult it is to craft a truly excellent film, as well as how easy it can be to make a terrible one.

The awards are influential in demonstrating how quickly our perception of what is ‘really bad’ can change, and the frequency at which the boundaries of mediocrity are repositioned.

If the golden Oscar is Superman, then the Razzie award is without doubt the Batman of Hollywood. Not the hero the film industry deserves, but the one it needs. A silent guardian. A watchful protector. A dark knight, lurking in the background, ready to shine a light onto the many festering bruises on the arse of the film world.

Joshua Mines

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