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Beats and Bass hold 6 day charity mixathon

Image Credit: Beats and Bass Society
Image Credit: Beats and Bass Society

Beats and Bass Society will be holding a 6-day “Mixathon” in aid of Multiple Sclerosis Society next week.

Exeter’s self-dubbed “premier dance music society and club night” will be kick-starting the event in the Lemongrove Ritazza space on 10.00am Monday 24 February with a DJ mixing at all times, 24 hours a day, right through to the following Saturday.

The entire mixathon, which has been described as a “tag-team affair”, invites student DJs to play a two hour set without any pressure in skill or style from any genre of their choosing.

A live stream will be made available through both audio and video, which Tom Cooke, main organiser of the event, hopes will bring a “boiler room type feel”.

Nonetheless, students are still strongly urged to “come down and have a boogie”.

Beats and Bass have also organised a series of DJ workshops, cake sales, and a “donate-for-requests scheme” in order to raise more money for their chosen charity: Multiple Sclerosis Society, the UK’s leading MS charity.

Cooke spoke to Exeposé about his inspiration for the event: “I got the idea from the 127 hour row we did with the rowing club in first year.”

“I’ve always wanted to put on a charity event to raise money for MS – my mum has had secondary progressive for most of my life – but I didn’t want to do a run, or a bike ride, or something anyone else had done. I wanted to do something much bigger, which could get loads more people involved and raise more money and awareness.”

“I decided to combine the marathon side of the rowing event with the activity that takes up most of my free time at the moment: DJing.”

He also spoke of the wave of support pouring in from students: “Far more people than I’d ever hoped are getting involved, which is fantastic.”

Another of the event’s organisers, Ollie Norman, hopes that the event will have a “big impact”, stating: “I’d like it to be very much a continuous thing in people’s minds for the duration. I’d like people to check the live stream when they’re messing around on Facebook, to pop in when they’re walking past…and not to fall asleep on camera at 5am.”

At present, Beats and Bass have raised £225, nearly half way to attaining their target of £500.00. If you would like to donate, please do so here.

Fiona Potigny, News Team

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