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Hidden course cost survey underway

Image credit: Exeter Guild
Image credit: Exeter Guild

The Students’ Guild and FXU are running a new survey to determine hidden course costs in each subject.

The elimination of hidden course costs was presented as one of the five key priorities by the Guild and FXU as part of the Budget Scrutiny Group process. The survey has been created to replace the spreadsheet that was used to identify hidden course costs in previous years. The colleges have been asked to complete the survey for the second time this year.

Hidden course costs are additional financial costs for students during their programme of study. These costs may include both compulsory and non-compulsory fees and may not be clearly publicised before application, registration or commencement of the course.

Compulsory course costs include necessary printing, course packs and bench fees. Non-compulsory costs are those that will disadvantage students if not incurred, including the cost of additional materials and equipment.

Alex Louch, VP for Academic Affairs, said in his online manifesto: “The University have made a commitment to limit hidden course costs, and I will ensure that they honour that commitment, making any additional costs as visible as possible”.

Alex Louch, VP Academic Affairs, said: “The course costs survey has been created to enable the Students’ Guild to work in partnership with each college to make course costs more transparent. It is unacceptable that some students should be placed at a relative disadvantage in their studies because they encounter unexpected costs during their course. I will be working with the University to ensure that all course costs are advertised prior to course or module selection.”

Helen Carrington, News Team

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