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Mental Health Awareness Week Special: Campus Cinema


Just in time for their special screening of Silver Linings Playbook, we caught up with Campus Cinema’s President to be, Carmen Paddock.

Hi Carmen, Why don’t you introduce yourself?

I’m Carmen Paddock, I’m going to be one of the co-presidents of Campus Cinema next year with Joni Blyth. Currently I’m the Health and Safety Officer and fundraising coordinator at Campus Cinema. I do Drama and I’m in my second year.campuscinema

What’s Campus Cinema all about then?

Basically Campus Cinema is a twice weekly cinema on Campus, we show two screenings of one film ever Tuesday and Sunday night and there are typically pretty recent releases, about a month out of the main cinemas.

It’s been a bit more difficult lately to get recent films due to the fact that we still have a 35mm projector and we need a digital projector to get all the new ones that are only released in digital formats. We are working with the Guild right now however, and should hopefully have the money by the end of this year.

Even with that we’ve been able to get lots of good films. Speaking of which we are going to have some classic films coming up in March for Arts week so you’ll be able to watch Citizen Kane in 35mm which will be pretty cool!

We are also a lot cheaper than the cinema, £3.50 for the general public and £2 for members or University staff.

What else do you guys get up to?

Yes, we have a film quiz two or three times a term. It costs a pound for members and they can come along and see if they can win some DVDs, sweets, film posters and test their film knowledge whilst they’re at it.

World cinema finished last week, we collaborated with lots of societies on Campus to bring you films from France, Germany, Russia, Spain and Japan. The films ranged from classics to new releases and cult favorites such as Pan’s Labyrinth.

How did you guys get involved with Mental Health Awareness Week?

Image Credit: The Atlantic

Joy Taylor approached us from the Students’ Guild to help raise mental health awareness. We decided to use Silver Linings Playbook as it won the Oscar last year for best Actress and is just a great film.

Well written, well acted, it’s just an honest portrayal of mental illness, it doesn’t glamourise anything and feels very genuine, it doesn’t stigmatize it either so I feel it is a very good choice.

We went through a few in the committee and talked with Joy, Joy is a big fan of Silver Linings, so she helped us go in that direction. We really wanted to see it too, especially as Jennfier Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are very popular at the moment.

How can students get involved with Campus Cinema?

Just come along on a Tuesday and Sunday, see our films, see what we’re all about, we have cheap tickets, cheap popcorn and if you want to get involved with the committee just have a chat with one of us, we’re really friendly, we’re usually in red and black hoodies. We are looking to recruit new members for next year as a lot of us are graduating so it would be great to have more interest. Alternatively you can reach us on Facebook or find our email on the guild website.

The new program should be hitting campus before this is published and we have Arts Week coming up. We will also have a special events screening of The Room, which is the cult favourite, worst film ever made. We’re going to do it proper where all the rituals are observed, we’ll throw spoons at the screen, we’ll yell “go! go! go!” when the Golden Gate Bridge is shown. It’s going to be fun, so come prepared for an unusual cinema experience and have a riotous time.

Silver Linings Playbook will be shown in the M&D Room this Sunday at 18:30 and 21:00.

Does your society want a chat with us? Get in touch on FacebookTwitter or by commenting below.

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