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114 seat study space planned for Devonshire House

Image credit: Exeter Guild
Image credit: Exeter Guild

Devonshire House is due to undergo an expansion of study space on the second floor this Summer. As part of an ongoing investment in study spaces at the University, the project will invest over £300,000 to improve the use of space above the Terrace restaurant.

The expansion is due to create 100 additional study spaces, in an attempt to reduce overcrowding as the University continues to expand its student intake. This year alone the University exceeded its student recruitment targets by 10 per cent.

The project follows a similar expansion that took place in the Amory Building during Summer 2012. The Amory Study Centre had an investment of £500,000 to create 240 study spaces, yet more spaces are still needed.

Elaine Cordy, Head of Learning Spaces said: “the design proposal includes group and individual study areas, PC spaces, WiFi and power provision for students who wish to bring their own devices”.

The works will commence in May 2014 with the opening of the study space planned for Freshers’ week September 2014. Blackwells, which is currently operating as a pop up service from the top floor of Devonshire House, will return to the Market Place at the end of April.

Alex Louch VP Academic Affairs is currently working with the University to encourage students to give feedback of the proposed designs, via the ‘Balcony Bar Guild Consultation’ webpage.

Alex Louch, VP Academic Affairs, commented: “The development of the Balcony Bar is the result of hard work between the Students’ Guild and the University to ensure that students on the Streatham Campus get the study space which they require. The initial designs look are very exciting and we’re looking forward to a fantastic new study space at the heart of the campus”Lucy Payn, a second year Ancient History student commented: “Any new study space will definitely be a welcome addition to Devonshire House, especially new PC facilities – the library just doesn’t have enough”.

Emily Leahy, News Team

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