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Inner Beauty: 8 Reasons To Smile!


This week is National Eating Disorders Awareness week and Mind Your Head society has put together a series of events across the week to raise awareness and to encourage positive body image. Here we focus on inner beauty by taking a look at all the things that make smiling wonderful…

As the song goes, you’re never fully dressed without a smile. To promote beauty that comes from within, we’ve got some smile related facts for you… alongside our editors looking silly!

1. Smiling is something you’re born with!

It’s a reflex action that all newborn babies have without learning from their surrounding environment.


2. Smiling is universal!

Though cultures vary on many other gestures of happiness and politeness, everyone around the world smiles!


3. It’s easier to smile than frown!

This is a classic smile fact but still true – scientists aren’t sure quite how muscles are involved though…


4. Smiling relieves stress!

Silly scientists have been forcing people to smile and turns out smiling lowers their heart rate and stress levels!


5. Much like laughter, smiling is contagious!

If you see someone smiling, your muscles are likely to twitch into a smile too. That’s something to grin about!



6. Smiling can help you to live longer!

Yep, bet Voldermort wishes he’d known about this and not had to bother with those nasty Horcruxes.


7. Smiling can help improve your career!

Put away those CVs, polish up those pearly whites and get ready to grin yourself into a career.


8. Smiling helps make awkward moments a little less awkward!

This one is for all your awkward penguins out there. Done something weird and want to move on from it? Just smile.



So, have a great day and don’t forget to smile!


Charity Student Minds have information about support for body image issues and eating disorders here

What’s got you smiling lately? Let us know on Facebooktwitter or in the comments below…

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