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‘Miles Jupp is the Chap You’re Thinking of’ @ Exeter Phoenix


29 January 2014 at Exeter Phoenix

Unless you are a fan of children’s shows set in fictional Scottish islands or have seen BBC’s sit-com Rev, then it is unlikely you will have heard of, or remember, who this ‘Miles Jupp’ guy is.

Image credit: Miles Jupp
Image credit: Miles Jupp

But this won’t be the case for long for the simple fact that Miles Jupp is a naturally very funny man. As a stand- up act, he is very aware of his own middle class persona and plays upon this, creating a distinctive genteel manner mixed with a general cynical outlook on life similar to that of Jack Dee.

Despite being 34, much of his comedy surrounds his inevitable aging as a result of becoming a father of four. Impressively, none of his jokes are raunchy or even potentially offensive, a refreshing and engaging quality in comedy. He spends an entire fifteen minutes talking about coffee (which he considers one of the biggest problems facing Britain today) and his unfortunate experiences with Cornish pasties, a dangerous yet endearing joke for a south western audience.

However, much of his set revolves around the trials and tribulations of parenthood. Talking about children is often a favourite with comedians and Jupp is no stranger to the comical gold that they produce. Yet with his endearing politeness, he makes often clichéd jokes seem distinctive and inimitable. This is purely because Miles Jupp is effortless in his delivery. Unlike other comedians who can fall into the strategy of merely complaining about specific things their children have done, Jupp appeals to everyone in the audience – parent or not – by focusing his attention on children as a category rather than a case study.

The continuous hum of laughter throughout the set is merely evidence of Jupp’s comedic excellence and lighthearted entertainment, and it is this which makes his latest tour pure quality. It won’t be surprising if, in perhaps a year or two Archie the Inventor from Balamory is all but forgotten about in the midst of his new found fame in comedic circles.


To see Miles Jupp’s future tour dates click here.


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