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Union Road Recap: vigilantes, illness and the house from Hell…


1961419_10202329867541188_1650620492_nMissed any of the Xpression FM soap? So you can tune in on Wednesday at 5.45pm with the full picture, creator Graham Eveleigh is here to remind you of everything you need to know…

Oh, Union Road. It’s just one thing after another! And each of those “one things” are more dramatic and shocking than the last.

So what’s going on on the street right now? Linda tried to turn vigilante and kick the incestuous Harriet and Ian out, but landlady Jenny called a halt to it and Linda relented. Still recovering from their friend’s suicide, will their feelings towards the deceased change after her will is read? And how will Harriet and Ian patch things up with their family after deciding to steer clear of each other?

Over at number 14, these pains that Lola has been getting are continuing to cause bother. She has been refusing to go to the doctors for ages. When she finally went last week, she fled, finding it too difficult without Jake there to support her. What do these pains mean, and is she going to be all right? Lola’s devastating diagnosis will finally unfold this week…

Number 6 has been a hellish house lately. Mary was forced to take her abusive ex-husband Stuart back in when he threatened son Billy’s life. Now Stuart is returning to work and Mary is worried that it will all happen again. What does she mean by that? Is Billy safe?

And how is poor Thomas coping? He and Mary were so close to getting together when Stuart turned up, and he has no idea what’s going on or why she has suddenly gone cold.

With a brand new character (played by Exeposé’s very own Vanessa Tracey), violence in the pub and a huge shock at the end, this week’s is an episode not to be missed!

And it’s relentless now. We are hurtling towards some big drama in the form of the Easter special, and beyond… Like I said. Union Road: one thing after another!

If this recap isn’t enough, then you can catch up on ALL previous episodes yourself on Mixcloud and check out the Facebook and Twitter page.

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