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The Student Timeline: A Levels to the End of First Year in GIFs


Exeposé Comment run you through how you might have spent your first year at University. Keep an eye out for future student timelines in the coming days.

When you’re rejected from Oxbridge:

crying animated gif on Giphy
You didn’t want to go anyway, remember?

But when you get the grades to come to Exeter:

happy animated gif on Giphy
OK, maybe not that excited. Pretty pleased though.

Worrying that you’re definitely going to be the most stupid person here.

politics animated gif on Giphy
If he was in your halls, you’d know you were fine.

Awkwardly meeting your housemates for the first time.

funny animated gif on Giphy
Why am I shaking hands with these people anyway. Normal friends don’t do that.

Your first night out:

black and white animated gif on Giphy
Fosters really is that bad.

Then you learn you have to do an essay in first term.

what animated gif on Giphy
But….but…I only just got here!

What on earth is BART?

the simpsons animated gif on Giphy
Turns out it’s got absolutely nothing to do with this guy.

55 becomes a bit of a shock since you always got 80% or more at high school.

anchorman animated gif on Giphy
Until you remember you forgot a bibliography.


While you’re at home during Christmas:

bored animated gif on Giphy
Shooting at a wall is much more fun than revising


 But then, you get back and it’s exam time far too quickly.

community animated gif on Giphy
Exams that close to Christmas should be banned.

The race to get on the last train back from Exmouth on that one sunny day of the year:

beach animated gif on Giphy
That’s not actually Exmouth in case you were wondering

You’ve passed the year with 47. First year doesn’t count anyway.

shrug animated gif on Giphy
I’ll work harder next year


Keep an eye out for the next edition, The Student Timeline for a second year, in the coming days.

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