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Arts recommend: The body, and body image


Every week we bring you our special selection of all things arty. From interesting websites to highly anticipated performances for your diary, there is something to spark all kinds of creative interest.

To raise awareness of Eating Disorders Awareness Week, we have compiled some art which explores the body, and body image.

1. People Show Their Deepest Insecurities In Intimate Portraits

“In his “What I Be Project”, photographer Steve Rosenfield asked various people to write their most intimate insecurities down on their skin and shot astonishing portraits of them. The participants were even brave enough to share their stories on the project‘s website, shortly explaining how their prejudice, labels and fears have affected their lives and relationships.”

Read the full article, and see more of the portraits here on Demilked.

“I am not my masculinity”

“I am not my masculinity” Image credit: Steve Rosenfield via Demilked
“I am not my masculinity”
Image credit: Steve Rosenfield via Demilked

2. Artist recreates Barbie with real life proportions

Everyone knows that the proportions of the doll ‘Barbie’ are entirely unrealistic. Artist Nickolay Lamm has recreated Barbie with real life proportions, and he thinks that this Barbie would sell equally in stores. See the results, and read the full article, here on designyoutrust.com.

3. Self-portraits which are not what they look like

Image credit: Eloy Morales via Demilked
Image credit: Eloy Morales via Demilked

Even from a photography perspective this would be an incredible self-portrait. But this is not actually a photograph, the entire thing is painted. In a breathtaking series of hyper realistic self-portraits, Spanish artist Eloy Morales challenges our visual perceptions. See the other self portraits here on the Demilked article.

4. Body image: Art and Awareness

Image credit: Elizabeth Stilwell
Image credit: Elizabeth Stilwell

On her blog, Elizabeth Stilwell has photographed the art installation “Don’t be a puppet/ Love yourself.” This art projects delves into the problems of eating disorders, especially Bulimia, and highlights how important art can be in raising awareness.  Read the full blog post and see more of the photography here.

5. Casting off my womb

In a very unusual conceptional art project, Casey Jenkins knits wool from her vagina for a month. Watch the video to hear her talk about the concept behind her work … This will entirely change the way that you think about knitting.


Bryony James and Giverny Masso, Online Arts Editors

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