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Review: Resogun


Revamping the traditional side-scroller for the next generation.

So you have brought your beautiful new Playstation home and have found that it is no longer free to play online. Your first reaction may be one of anger or frustration. Sony have forced you to pay 40 pounds simply for the virtue of having what you once had free on your PS3. But Resogun is simply one of the many free jewels in the crown of Playstation’s premium service, and might just be the finest game on Playstation 4 so far.


One of the key tenets of Playstation’s next generation philosophy is immediacy of entertainment, something that developer Housemarque has captured perfectly. The player is launched near instantaneously into the action and simply instructed “Save the last humans”.

You will struggle to remove the smirk from your face as this instruction blares from your controller’s speakers at the outset of each level. Things start off simply with a bare-bones tutorial in this arcadey, side-scrolling shoot-em-up. The players learn the ropes themselves. These ‘ropes’ essentially being the nihilistic annihilation of everything on screen.

The annihilation takes place on a cylindrical canvas around a set of varied, space-themed set pieces. Enemy spaceships appear that require different tactics and weaponry to vanquish. Players have a standard laser, a boost mechanism, a special move named ‘Overdrive’ that instantly destroys a limited amount of enemies, and a bomb that explodes everything on screen – for when things get just a little too hairy.


The player has a choice of spaceship that have varying capacities of each weapon or ability, providing a tasty amount of tactical depth. Saving the diminutive, green humans from your spacey assailants is optional but recommended, as doing so can increase your lives and points score, as well as upgrade your weapons and shields. Combat is a thrillingly frantic affair, as the score multiplier incentivise you to zip from one encounter to the next.

But Resogun may be a little too ephemeral. There are too few levels to keep things interesting even when play styles are experimented with and higher difficulties are attempted. It lacks multiplayer, and online functionalities do not stray beyond simple online leaderboards.

Some may find desperately saving bombs, maximising multipliers and the challenge of beating levels unscathed in to achieve the highest scores particularly compulsive, but the rest may find Resogun a passing distraction.


Resogun should be experienced on the best of displays with your sound system turned up to eleven. The game’s presentation is stunning, with believable physics and particle effects that cascade across the screen in a way that would cause the immediate combustion of last generation consoles. Resogun’s intoxicating mixture of electronic, drum and bass and house blends beautifully with the wealth of booming explosions and rich colour. You’ll feel Chuck Norris levels of boss.

Resogun’s masterful combination of impressive graphics and gratifying gameplay render it an essential in your next-generation collection. Playstation Plus is mandatory to play your Playstation 4 online, so take the plunge and make Resogun your first port of call.

Harry Shepherd


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