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February New Releases


As we head into March, we bring you the best of last month’s new releases, all now available! By this point in term you’ve definitely earned the chance to read for fun… 

One-More-Thing-Cover1_custom-4f2bf1af5182e2e7894d244687389362907a7e69-s2-c85Pushed for time but still desperate to indulge in a bit of non-degree related reading? Indulge in B.J. Novak’s debut collection of short stories. One More Thing explores issues such as love, ambition, and identity in the modern world with an undertone of sensitivity. Entertaining and original, Novak’s comedic voice shines through. We meet characters such as Sophia, the first artificial intelligence to fall in love, a boy who wins $100,000 in a box of cereal, and group of friends who attempt to hold an intervention in the era of Facebook. Novak’s prose is electrifying, and as the actor, director and writer who starred in and co-wrote episodes of The Office, he knows how to entertain and absorb his audience. Novak even set up gigs to read stories aloud, gauging the responses on the audience and keeping his writing on track. The trailer for the book further exhibits its playful tone; filmed in black and white and set in a Parisian restaurant, Novak ridicules his move to book writing in the short sketch with Mindy Kaling. A brilliant new voice in American fiction, Novak fully demonstrates a devotion to his audience with this collection. One More Thing was published on 4th February.

bigthegospelofloki_zps791b7869With Thor: The Dark World soon to be released on DVD it seems that nobody can get enough of Marvel’s incarnations of the Norse legend. Now bestselling author Joanne M. Harris has written her first adult epic fantasy with a retelling of the Norse legend. From the first person perspective of the trickster Loki, we are told of his many exploits and adventures under the rule of Odin moving through to his betrayal and the fall of the kingdom of Asgard. Joanne tells the story much as it unfolds in the medieval Icelandic texts, the “Elder” and the “Edda”, her accuracy reflecting her long-running passion for Norse legends. Harris is known predominantly for her novel Chocolat that was adapted into the Oscar-nominated film, and has recently written a fantasy series for younger readers, Runemarks and Runelight. The Gospel of Loki was published 13th February.

mary berry cooksThe hugely addictive Great British Bake Off is sadly off our screens, but the wonderful Mary Berry is soon to be back again with her own BBC2 series Mary Berry Cooks this spring. The official tie-in to the 6-part series is a recipe book of the same name, including all of Mary’s recipes from each episode. Impress your friends with a bite of delicious home cooking. These delectable recipes are difficult to resist, full of tips to create the perfect meals, from the traditional Sunday roast, to cream-teas or even a summer-buffet. These simple recipes are perfect for any occasion, from a dinner party, to an effortless meal in with friends, and with Mary’s extensive no-fuss advice you can cook with confidence, you’re in safe hands. Mary Berry is also due to come to Exeter with The Big Cake Show in March, along with fellow judges from Great British Bake Off. The biggest cake and baking show in the South West is coming to Westpoint on the 28th, 29th and 30th of March. Mary Berry Cooks was published on 27th February.

Natalie Clark, New Releases Reporter 

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