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Jailbreak winners reach Tenerife

Image credit: Exeter RAG
Image credit: Exeter RAG

Exeter RAG wrapped up its 30-hour Jailbreak challenge this weekend, with the winning team landing a staggering 2752 kilometres away in Tenerife.

The hitchhiking-based challenge, which commenced last Friday, invited students to attempt to flee as far from campus with no money within a 30-hour period with the only pre-requisite for entry being that entrants must raise £100 no later than one month post-Jailbreak.

Entrants ended up in a diverse range of locations, from those closer to home such as Manchester, Folkestone, and Dover (to name but a few), to the further afoot Amsterdam, Sweden and Croatia.

The most impressive record, however, was set by Ellie Wyithe and Ashley Smith, who reached Tenerife with money raised from pub-goers’ donations in London. The pair touched down on Saturday morning and will be staying until Tuesday.

Smith said: “Essentially we went in 10/15 pubs in London on Friday and just spoke to people and asked them if they could give us a little bit of money towards travel costs explaining how we wanted to get enough for a flight”.

Before we knew it we had over £200 so headed to Gatwick and bought ourselves flights to the furthest place for what we could afford! We didn’t have much sleep but as I’m sure you can imagine its been worth it!”

Event organiser Natalie Rubner reported that: “Everything has run as planned so far, although we do still have a few teams exploring – most jealous of the pair sunning themselves in Tenerife!”

She also spoke of the overwhelming support Jailbreak has received: “I was surprised by how many people wanted to sign up to a new event, and even more so by how much hype there was around following the teams.”

And the hype has indeed been remarkable, as the Exeter Jailbreak website has garnered a total of 22,485 page views, with “Are we there yet?”, who reached Gothenburg City, Sweden, being the most visited team page.

At present, donations stand at £5636, over halfway to the target total of £9000, which will be divided between charities Devon Freewheelers, Rainbow Trust, Concern Universal and Exeter’s own Community Action.

Despite being the first event of its kind to have run in nearly a decade, Rubner is convinced that it will soon become a staple in RAG’s fundraising calendar.

“We’ve already had several requests from people asking us to run another one so it’s looking like Jailbreak will become an annual event, and there may be some plans in the works for a post-exam event with a similar concept…”

If you wish to donate to the fundraising effort, you can do so here.

You can also follow the teams’ homecoming effort at #ExeterJailbreak.

Fiona Potigny, News Team

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