Arts recommend: Northern Lights Photography, Humans of Exeter Facebook page, and more…

Arts recommend: Northern Lights Photography, Humans of Exeter Facebook page, and more…


Every week we bring you our special selection of all things arty. From interesting websites to highly anticipated performances for your diary, there is something to spark all kinds of creative interest.

1. Northern Lights Photography

Image Credits: Alexander Dutoy via
Image Credits: Alexander Dutoy via

The rare opportunity to see the Northern Lights from the UK has resulted in some stunning photography. Have a look at a selection on the BBC website here.

2. The National Geographic Advert 

The National Geographic has recently created an ingenious advert to promote a new TV programme. The advert is a 3D image of a crocodile emerging out of the water placed at the bottom of the downwards escalator. When someone goes down the escalator the advert is sure to get their attention… Click here to see it.

3. Humans of Exeter

Humans of Exeter is a project based on the ‘Humans of New York’ by photographer Brandon Stanton. It consists of a Facebook page on which portraits of people around Exeter University are posted, alongside a quote or answer to a question that they have been asked. The result is a moving and intimate portrayal of people around campus, some of whom you may recognise. The page already has over 1,000 likes and can be viewed here. We love the portrait below, which is accompanied by the quote: “When you get to the age of fifty-two you realise that you have to stop taking people’s crap.”

Image Credits: Femi Awomosu and Mikky Adedeji
Image Credits: Femi Awomosu and Mikky Adedeji

4. Liz West exhibition @ the Phoenix 

Image Credits:
Image Credits:

“Liz West’s practice evolves from a response to the psychology of space and colour, utilising the two in a way that is deeply rooted in colour theory and draws parallels with the concept of synesthesia.”

This exhibition is on until the 8th March. Click here to see her website.

5. Li Hongbo Statues

“Classical sculptures that defy logic. Paper master Li Hongbo stretches your imagination with a twisted take on traditional sculpting.”


Bryony James and Giverny Masso, Online Arts Editors


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