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Union Road Recap: will reading, George’s plotting and more…


1957506_10202375163793566_491001725_nDoes the pace ever slow down on Union Road? But never fear because Vanessa Tracey is here to get you up to speed. Worry, a shock diagnosis and a different kind of war hit the street this week on Xpression FM’s unique radio soap.

At Katya’s will reading, Jenny inherited the shop… and Linda inherited the cat. Linda simply can’t let that massive injustice lie and she now embarks on a full-scale war with Jenny. We’re used to Linda making a fool of herself but how far will she go this time? Will she really sacrifice her friendship for the sake of business?

A few doors down, Lola received some devastating news: she has Multiple Sclerosis. The diagnosis means that her childhood dreams of being an athlete will never turn into reality. How will she deal with the fallout of this diagnosis? Well, the answer is not in the way you would expect…! Confiding in housemate Toni (my character!) was never going to offer her much comfort and we can all assume she just won’t be able to resist telling the others with her “motor mouth”. Will Jake and Samuel react badly to the news or are they too wrapped up in each other to notice?

Mary put up her defence barriers last week as Billy’s schoolteacher Mrs Miller tried to work out why she was so resistant about Billy going to school. Now Stuart has gained a new position as Deputy Head, they’ll both be starting their first day together… which is the last thing Mary wants. Stuart has clearly been abusive to Billy in the past and Mary is terrified of him being near not just her own child, but others… Will we learn more about their dark past?

For once it isn’t the Lazenbys creating all the drama on the street! George is definitely up to something – a plan to gain back Lazenby & Sons, most likely. But what could it be?

All these questions and not many answers! There’s only one way to keep up with the goings on of Union Road and that’s by tuning into Xpression FM Wednesday at 5.45pm.

You can catch up on the previous episodes on Mixcloud and don’t forget to check out the Union Road Facebook and Twitter pages.

Vanessa Tracey, Copy Editor

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