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The Deadline Kennedys


Kate Burgess attempts to avoid deadline dread with some well chosen tracks to placate your ever-rising stress levels…

“HAPPINESS can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the [music]” Movie Dumbledore speaks wise words in the face of evil (deadlines).

Perfectly  logical reasoning leads us to conclude that precisely because the British Identity is made up of glass half-empty types, queuing and tea, perpetual cynicism is necessary.  Britain needs us to be miserable gits. Yet we all are attracted to the idea of being a glass half-full person.

On any other day I shudder at the twee ‘silver-lining’ philosophy. I’m perfectly happy being unhappy thank you very much. However, deadlines are approaching… (I can only apologise profusely for being a ‘fresh’ with the sheer cheek to use the D-word. All those with dissertation drafts due soon; I’m sorry for suggesting you have time for anything other than silence and tears. *Hunger Games whistle and salute*). This is where I find my fervour for perusing any zest in life, at all other times I’m too lazy to bother.

So, where do I find anything remotely positive in the deadline experience? Well, apart from being a time where you can justify a beer and half a pot of Nutella before lunchtime, deadlines offer an opportunity for the sweetest type of procrastination: discovery of old (and new) music.

As I write, another window is open, some shit about homodiegetic narrators, let’s leave that unread if you please. Thanks, no time for that; I am on a journey of [re]discovery! Youtube is open, NME, Fader, Sofar Sounds too. So let’s all just listen to Sweet Baboo!

There is nothing better than the sweet justification given after three hours of procrastination (or auditory education) when you find that track by that-band-you-stumbled-across-ages-ago-but-couldn’t-remember/spell-their-name-who-it-now-transpires-NME-is-salivating-all-over (and way after you did). I would go so far to say there is no better feeling amidst the depressing cloud of work. So what have I rediscovered?


Andrew Bird – ‘Imitosis’

The whole of ‘Armchair Apocrypha’ actually. Indie folk/rock for the thinking man/woman.


Orange Juice – ‘Rip It Up’

Such a welcome pick-me-up after blankly staring at the opening pages of Persuasion for forty minutes. Disco post-punk 80’s from the original post-punk Glasgow Art School outfit.


Vampire Weekend – ‘Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa’

After the hype of Modern Vampires of the City it’s easy to forget their older stuff that was the soundtrack to all our incredible post-GCSE summers. Poppy alt-rock with a Hawaiian flavour.


Ayanna Witter-Johnson – ‘Roxanne’

An awesome cello reimagining of The Police’s classic by some gal who is named as if Exeter and Guildford had a lovechild conceived ‘that time we went to Per-rah’


Alt-J ft. Mountain Man – ‘Buffalo’

One to cry to as it suddenly is 8pm and you don’t know how. Chilled alt-folk, not actually old enough to ‘rediscover’ as such. Also fittingly in Silver-Linings Playbook soundtrack – this silver lining? Some tunez to accompany deadline disaster.


So, what will you next [re]discover when you should be working? Embrace it, the essay will sort itself out.

Kate Burgess

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