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University senior staff reshuffle

Image credit: University of Exeter
The Vice Chancellor announced the changes this week. Image credit: University of Exeter

Changes to senior management have been announced by Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Steve Smith this week, with a cascade effect across many senior positions.

The changes come as a result of the resignation of Claire Baines as Chief Operating Officer. Her resignation, which takes effect as of 28 February 2014, will reshuffle the upper-tier of University management with Geoff Pringle replacing her as Chief Operating Officer for a period of 18 months, and Phil Attwell will be replacing Geoff Pringle’s previous role as Director of Campus Services.

Furthermore, Professor Neil Armstrong will become the University’s inaugural Provost, a position traditionally associated with Oxford and Cambridge colleges but becoming increasingly common amongst Russell Group universities.

The addition of this role will enable further oversight of internal operations within the University with the new Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer, Andrew Connolly, reporting to the Provost.

However, with Professor Armstrong’s resignation as Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the end of this academic year, Janice Kay has already been lined up to take over the role from 1 August 2014.

 Ricky Freelove, Arts Editor

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