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Student votes to take place in late March

Image Credit: BloomingBath.com
Image Credit: BloomingBath.com

To Ban or Not To Ban? Nestlé and those pesky election flyers under the spotlight…

There will be two student votes taking place between March 17 and 21. The two motions being debated are to extend the long standing ban on Nestlé products for another three years, and to stop Sabbatical election candidates from using paper in their campaigns.

The motions, which every student will be able to vote for, were put forward through the Students’ Guild ‘Have Your Say’ programme. Voting will close on Friday 21 March at 5pm, and students can vote through the Guild website.

Nestlé products have been banned in Guild outlets for several years, in protest at the company’s alleged mistreatments of workers and natural resources. Similarly, some candidates in this year’s Sabbatical elections actually campaigned without using flyers in order to highlight the environmental implications of such use of paper.

Alex Louch, VP Academic Affairs, commented: “Have Your Say exists to allow students to shape their Guild. The student votes on flyering during elections and the Nestlé boycott will ensure that the Students’ Guild policy continues to reflect the priorities of our members”.

Students are urged to look out for more publicity surrounding both votes, including the creation of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ campaigns for each in the coming weeks.

Owen Keating, News Editor

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