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Highly successful glass recycling continues

Image credit: David Sax
Image credit: David Sax

A highly successful glass caddying scheme is being made available to students as the end of term approaches. The scheme is aimed at students who dispose of a large amount of glass, but have no access to a vehicle and do not live close to a glass recycling point. It is run by the Student Community Wardens in collaboration with the Students’ Guild, and helps reduce the amount of glass that is taken to landfill.

The scheme was trialled in June 2013, and proved so popular that it was continued into the festive season. Since it began, around ten tonnes of glass have been collected. Building on this success, there will be further collections, both this term and in term three.

Rory Cunningham, VP Welfare and Community, said: “We are delighted with the positive response we’ve received from students and local residents alike. This initiative has helped to address the practicalities of not having a car and not living close to a bottle bank – particularly important as we continue to encourage students not to bring cars to Exeter. Due to the popularity of the scheme we hope, with the Students’ Guild’s support, that collections will now become a permanent fixture at the end of each term”.

Student households often produce more glass than average as many housemates shop separately. Students are also less likely to use traditional methods of glass disposal, such as car park bottle banks, as many choose to have their food delivered by supermarkets rather than making the trip themselves.

The University is committed to the Waste and Resource Management Strategy, which aims to recycle and compost 45 per cent of all waste by the end 2014/15.

For recycling stations on campus see the Recycling Campus Map.

Students can get involved with this scheme by making a booking with the Student Community Wardens, who will have a stall in the forum throughout the week commencing 10 March.

For more information, email streetwise@ex.ac.uk.

Lucy Payn, News Team

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