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Student elections open

Image Credit: BloomingBath.com
Image Credit: BloomingBath.com

Student elections opened on Monday 10 March at 9am. Academic Representatives, International Student Council Officers and Student Leadership are among the 200 student led posts that are up for election.

Closing on Friday 14 March at 4pm, voting is open to all Exeter students online. Positions available will come into effect in the 2014/15 academic year.

Student Leaders will form one third of the legal executive of the Students’ Guild; Activities and Volunteering positions include the running of the Society Executive committee and Community Action. Academic Representation offices include Academic Reps, Subject Chairs and College Officers. Voting for this is determined by subject and year group. The University’s international students will be represented by the International Student Council.

‘Defend Education Exeter’ is the slate on which a number of candidates are running. Responding to several nationwide student protests, a group of 20 Exeter students occupied Queen’s Senior Common Room in February. This peaceful protest was against the selling-off of the student loan book. A number of the same group have nominated themselves for positions in the current elections. Over 10 roles in the Student Leadership category include candidates who have nominated themselves on the ‘Defend Education Exeter’ platform.

The majority of positions are contested. A full 11 candidates are running for Student Trustee, 3 of whom are part of the ‘Defend Education Exeter’ platform.

Voting takes place solely online, as is the case for many individual society elections. Tested out over the last few years by large societies such as RAG, Community Action and Bracton Law Society, online committee elections are now an option for all student groups. Societies can control when voting opens and closes as well as see who has nominated them self on the Guild website.

James Pidduck, a second year English student, said: ‘It is great to see so many student led positions up for nomination. There also seems to be a lot of people nominating themselves, this shows students are keen to get involved with the Guild and University life.’

Laura-Jane Tiley, News Team

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