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Creative Fridays – To be Patient/ To Travel


For this week’s Creative Fridays we bring you two quietly powerful poems by Ceri Savage.


Image Credit: Jono Robert
Image Credit: Jono Robert


To be Patient


To sit upon the edge of untold thoughts

And watch which ones float by and those you catch.

To hold steady ticks silent in my arms,

Or numbers, have weaved between my fingers.


It never was easy for us, was it?

In shadow not caught in their clouded eyes,

Or knocks that I can hear while they all talk.

It is distance keeps the vigil of life.


A week of humble hopes, my confidence,

Lost to assumption – and hesitation.

As dreams, you wait for action to be free,

For it’s what we don’t do, that we become.



To Travel


Before I left, I packed a pen, to shape the space around me

Hair grips too, to hold what’s loose together tightly

A camera – to project an image on a person

Plus some harsh, regretful voices, in order for me to learn

Obviously a pound coin too, although I’m not quite sure why

In a case, with a hollow, for my memories to lie

I packed two stone slabs, to tell me what to do

And, of course, a dark and empty box, for keeping you.


Ceri Savage

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