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Arts recommend: Translations, a life-sized origami elephant, and more …


Every week we bring you our special selection of all things arty. From interesting websites to highly anticipated performances for your diary, there is something to spark all kinds of creative interest.

1. Translations @ the Northcott Theatre

Image credit: The Northcott Theatre
Image credit: The Northcott Theatre

Translations is about a farm-girl called Máire who “finds herself torn between the affections of the local school teacher and the love of a British soldier, between her native tongue and a new language, between the comfort of the world she knows and the excitement of foreign possibilities.”

Don’t miss this critically acclaimed play, showing at the Northcott Theatre from Tuesday 18th to Saturday the 22nd March. Click here for tickets and more information.

2. Origami artist folds life-sized elephant from a single sheet of paper

Image credit: Demilked
Image credit: Demilked

If you liked Art Society’s papier-mâché elephant in the Forum for Mental Health Awareness Week, then you will love Sipho Mabono’s life-sized sculpture. The professional origami artist used a single 15m x 15m (50 ft by 50 ft) sheet of paper to create the masterpiece. See more photographs, and read more, here on Demilked.

3. 2014 Sony World Photography award winners announced

Open- Travel. Chen Li, China.  Image credit: Chen Li via The Telegraph
Open- Travel. Chen Li, China.
Image credit: Chen Li via The Telegraph

“The winners of the Open and Youth categories of the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards have been announced. Selected from over 70,000 entries worldwide, here we showcase the work of the thirteen amateur photographers who claimed the top prizes. An overall winner will be announced by World Photography Organisation next month.”

– See all of the incredible photographs showcased in The Telegraph’s gallery here. We particularly love numbers five and ten.

4. 14 Artworks exploring the colour pink

Pink is not a neutral colour – it has many powerful associations, and an extensive history. We found this article, 14 Artworks That Prove Pink Is Tough, really interesting. It explores the potency of the colour pink in art, with 14 artworks shown to utilise the colour to different effects. From Paul Thek’s use of pink “to shock and hurt” to Philip Guston’s use of the colour to highlight needless violence, these artworks challenge the stereotypes that society holds. Read the article here on Artnews.com.

5. This Couple Quit Their Jobs To Build The House Of Their Dreams For Only $500

“You know all those times you’ve said to yourself that you’d love to just give up everything and build a cabin in the woods?Well, this couple just went and did it.

In a world that’s becoming increasingly digitized, and privacy and solidarity are becoming rare commodities, this inspirational duo decided to take to the woods and defy everything society has set up for them.”

See more here.


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