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Creative Fridays – Along The Road


For our penultimate Creative Fridays as editors, we feature another poem by the talented Peter Tse.


392426743_65165b60b0-2Along the road


The song sounded Russian or French,

No, German…

The chorus sounds familiar.

That guy on the phone earlier was talking French.


Everything looks the same in this damn country.

The houses, the cars, the damn people.

The roads, though, look familiar to home.

Students drink far too damn early.


They’re out again, ev’ry night.

Spare us change for a ‘ot tea, please.


Beer would do me fine, you’ve ‘ad plenty.

Not as nice as that earlier fella in the long coat.


Glad I bought my coat today.

Buttoning it up, tightening my scarf.

There’s normally taxis here, maybe it’s a busy night,

Well I still have an hour,

or so, I can walk.

My coat pocket feels flat, my wallet is a palimpsest.


There’s a credit card

In the middle of the road.

Run over by a car, a car – beep – a van

A pedestrian crossing, a cyclist,

A couple walking across the road.


A couple walking across the road,

Clasping each other’s hands tightly

To stave off the cold of the night

The restaurant was warm, but the walk

Back is chilly. They had the right idea over there.


With woolly gloves, scarves, hats

Thick coats and still holding hands.

After the last stroke, you’ve got to be more careful dear.

Yes stay warm, but it was their anniversary.

50 years on, the restaurant was still there.


Still there on the park bench,

Yesterday’s newspaper folded by his side,

They were the 183rd couple to have walked past today.


Peter Tse

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