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The Student Timeline: Final Year in GIFs


In what is our last ever piece, we provide you with some suggestions of what life might be like for a final year student.

When that person you vaguely remember from first year says hello:

Bear Waves I have no idea who you are

Still no plans for after graduation..

harry potter animated GIF
“Can we panic now?”

If only you could do this to your dissertation

scared animated GIF
Some of you probably have done this. Get back to work.

But when you finally hand it in:

Until you remember you have exams to do…unless you’re an English student.

How you react when you hear your friend has a job:


reaction animated GIF
“I’m so happy for you.”


Sadly, you’ve just had yet another job application rejection e-mail:


angry animated GIF


When you get tipped off that there might be a computer available in the library:

the thick of it animated GIF
May have overexaggerated this one a bit. Just wanted to get Malcolm Tucker in.


Everyone’s given up on tidying up the kitchen:


Photo Credit: imallergic via Compfight cc
Couldn’t find a GIF. I’m sure you get the idea anyway.
Photo Credit: imallergic via Compfight cc

When you overhear a Fresher moaning about their workload:

cara delevingne animated GIF
Don’t even know why they bother working. Has anyone told them it doesn’t count?

People are still queueing in the Ram!

Angry Eyes


When it’s all over and you realise you might not see some people ever again:

Emotional stuff.

Here’s a happy cat to cheer you up.

happy animated GIF


That’s all folks. Hopefully we’ve got the balance right between serious and fun content this year. It’s been an honour and a privilege.

Signing off.

James Bennett and Dave Reynolds, Online Comment Editors

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